Onsite V. Offsite

One of the most difficult decisions when planning for a Walt Disney World Vacation can be deciding whether you should stay on-site or off-site. Here are a few things to consider.


For the most part, the primary factor in deciding between an off-site hotel and Disney hotels is likely the cost. Disney World’s Resort Hotels are generally more expensive for similar accommodations. It is important not to take only the room rate into account. Transportation, Parking, Wifi, Cleaning and Resort Fees must also be considered. When you account for additional costs and fees Walt Disney World has surprisingly been coming up as the more economical option more and more. You may have a loyalty to a specific chain due to work or other travel. Points can be used or accrued only at off-site resorts.


Staying on-site offers the convenience of proximity to the parks and the Walt Disney World Transportation System which will pick you up at the airport and handle all your luggage as well as offers buses, monorails and boats throughout the property.

Depending on what you want to do on your vacation staying off-site might actually be more convenient. Staying at an off site hotel for a Disney World vacation could put you within walking distance to grocery stores and restaurants. Renting a car may give you access to off-property attractions, stores & restaurants.Stocking your room with inexpensive snacks from the grocery store or eating some meals at nearby non-Disney restaurants will provide significant savings. 


On-site Disney offerings are somewhat limited for families over 5 people or that need special sleeping arrangements. Whether you have little ones and need to be able to close the door, or teenagers that refuse to share a bed, an off-site hotel could be your best option. Home Rentals allow you to have separate spaces for each person. However, if cost is not an issue, Disney can certainly accommodate most any size family in their Suites and Villas.

There are some additional benefits Disney provides resort guests in order to entice them to stay. Make sure you consider whether it is a benefit your family would use before it becomes a deciding factor.

  • Complimentary Resort Transportation – buses, boats and monorails
  • FastPass+ Bookings 60 days in Advance
  • More Time in the Parks with “Extra Magic Hours”
  • Ability to Make Dining Reservations 180 Days + 10 in Advance
  • Option to Use Disney Dining Plan
  • Ability to Send Purchases Back to Your Resort Room
  • Ability to Charge In Park Purchases to Your Resort Room
  • Magic Bands – hotel-room key, theme park ticket, dining plan credits, and charging abilities all in one place
  • No Cost for Parking at Resort or Theme Parks
  • No Resort Fees
  • Location  – You’re there!

Here at As You Wish Vacations, we will help you find the best option for your family. Contact me anytime for a FREE no obligation quote!  Remember, our travel services are at NO COST to you!

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