Understanding Crowd Trends

When you are trying to decide when to go to Walt Disney World everyone flocks to the crowd calendars. They see bright red numbers the only week they can possibly go and they get scared off. Honestly, there is no bad time to go to Walt Disney World!  If you can only go during a busy time just understand that it will be busy, have a good plan in place, be flexible and have a great time!

If you are still trying to decide when to go it is important to understand crowd trends but just as important not to get wrapped up in them. Contact me if you would like to discuss the best time for your family.


Beginning of January is busy with lingering Holiday crowds. The First weekend of January brings in the Marathoners who often stay a few days after the event. The Three Day Martin Luther King Jr. weekend brings heavy crowds.

The Beginning of the Month is busy with national Dance and Cheerleading Competitions. The Middle of the Month brings school children who are out for President’s Week.  The Princess Half Marathon is the weekend of February 24-26.


The Beginning of the Month is relatively quiet until Spring Break crowds start arriving around the middle of the month. The Flower & Garden Festival Kickoffs the first week of March and lasts until the end of May.



Easter falls in early April this year. This is one of the busiest weeks at WDW. Moderate crowds will follow the rest of the month as some schools have ‘April Vacation.’ We finish the month with light crowds.


Not much to report in May. The weather is beautiful, crowds are pretty low – they may increase slightly due to a Cheerleading competition May 5-7. Summer crowds start flooding in on Memorial Day.



The first part of June enjoys lower crowds. As schools gradually let out the crowds build and build.

July is the busiest month of the year. It is consistently wall to wall crowds.


The heavy summer crowds continue the first half of the month. In the middle crowds start to decrease and the last few weeks are fairly light as many children are back in school.



September used to be one of the lowest crowd months at Walt Disney World. They have beefed up attendance with events such as Night of Joy (the first weekend of the month) Mickey’s Not So Scary and the beginning of the International Food & Wine Festival which seems to begin earlier and earlier each year. They also run the highly popular free dining promotion in September.


The events in October make this an extremely fun time of year making it a very popular time to visit. With the exception of weekends at EPCOT crowds remain moderate with the exception Columbus Day Weekend which gets fall break crowds.

The second week sees a slight influx in crowds due to New Jersey Vacation and the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. Thanksgiving week is the most crowded in November. Unlike other Holidays guests don’t linger and crowds drop drastically once the long weekend is over.


December begins with light crowds and it picks up moderately with Pop Warner and National Cheerleading competition the second week. Crowds build incrementally until Christmas week when it seems like the entire world tries to cram into the Magic Kingdom. This is still a magical time of year just make sure you have a good plan when trying to attempt Disney during the Holidays

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