Why You Should Use a Travel Agent for Your Next Disney Vacation

Hi, Everyone! Welcome to my Vlog!! This is where I will be posting my weekly video series on Planning Your Walt Disney World Vacation. I started the series with Why You Should Use a Travel Agent because it is probably the #1 Question I get asked!

Planning a Walt Disney World vacation has become increasingly difficult. Gone are the days when you could just buy your tickets at the gate, experience the attractions without a wait and eat in the restaurants you felt like eating in. Now, Advanced Dining Reservations for popular eateries must be made six month in advance. You can even make reservations for the attractions you want to ride with the new FastPass+ System. There are still things on the 40 square foot property that I am discovering after dozens of visits. It is extremely challenging to keep up on all the changes. There are hundreds of websites with opinions, tips and tricks that is hopeless to try to navigate. An agent can help with all of it!! At no additional cost to you. That’s right! It’s Free!!!!


Just to reiterate some of the items I covered in the video. Using a Disney Travel Specialist you get:

  1. Their Expertise- Most Agents who specialize in Disney were Disney fans first. We have been over and over and were helping family and friends with their trips before we became agents. To become a Disney Specialist we had to complete and stay up to date on the Disney College of Knowledge!
  2. Personalization- I take the time to get to know my clients so I can make sure I plan the vacation that is perfect for them! There is no one size fits all when it comes to a Walt Disney World vacation.
  3. Centralized Contact – One person who knows the ins and outs of your vacation. One person you need to communicate with. One person to handle address all of your concerns. No need to re-explain yourself over and over to different people in a call center.
  4. Discount Checking – No more worrying about whether you got the best price. No more guessing when is the best time to book. I will monitor your reservations for you. If a discount comes out that works for your dates of stay, resort, and room type – I will apply it for you!
  5. Reservation Booking – Once you make selections based on my recommendations on what restaurants your family will enjoy, I will make those reservations for you. For those hard to get ADRs I will check regularly for cancellations to try to get you the location you want. Similarly for FastPass+ I will make reservations based on your family interests, we will discuss what works best and I will be online as soon as your window opens to get you the best possible ride times for your attractions.
  6. Payment Reminders – Once you have your final quote we will come up with the best payment solution for you. If you prefer to pay in small sums we will coordinate payment plan and you will receive regular reminders.
  7. Park Plans & Tips – I will create Park Plans that take into account your itinerary and touring style. You will also receive tips on what to pack, how to avoid crowds, saving money in the parks and anything else you may want to know!
  8. An Advocate – No one likes to think about anything going wrong on your vacation but if it does you have someone in your corner

I am sure you are wondering how you get all of this for free. We are paid commission on our bookings from Disney. When you book through an agent Disney is able to save on so much on resources that paying commission ends up being a value to them and in term you get a concierge level of service AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. So contact me today to start talking about your next vacation!

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